1. 1. I’m in Woodside, California.

  1. 2. A few client projects coming to completion (Santa

     Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Woodside)

  1. 3. Writing a book.  Actually more than one book, and 

     considering starting a blog too. 

     Books in Production:

• ‘human development and innovative lifestyle

   technology’ (how-to)

  1. Memoir/Novel about paradigms (Eat Pray Love x 10)

  2. Memoir/Surfing Book about 3 yrs in a desert (story/inspiration/”how-to” survival tips)

  1. 4. Preparing to move by May 1st.  (Where TBD)

  1. 5. Need help with: Funding, Illustrator Support and App

     Developer (one of my books will be perfect for an

     App that helps humans with balance, simplicity and